Viking Legends & Norse Mythology

Volume 1: The Underworld and the Afterlife


For the ancient Scandinavians, death was part of life. Norse society was based on a system of belief concerning the dead, and the gods who ruled the realms between which man passed in life and death.

Based on years of research used in constructing one of the most complex mystery-thrillers ever written The Elements, the Viking and Norse series develops that research into a new kind of publication using eTEXT linking in to the world’s online resources.

The first volume of the Viking Legends and Norse Mythology series covers the traditions concerning the living undead, tracing the beliefs of the Scandinavian, Northern Germanic and Anglo-Saxon Norse, set amidst the backdrop of Viking and pre-Viking folk superstition. This book arises from much of the source material gathered over the years, part of my quest to write ‘The Lord Of The Rings in the real world’, to envisage and realize a hard-boiled world as anything from fantasy.

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In the Norse universe, nothing is straight, nothing is linear and nothing is ever really done. Similarly, this publication is not necessarily a linear ‘from A-to-B’ read. It can be, but is intended to be ‘open’, in the respect that it can be accessed in any order by theme. This publication is published as an eTEXT book (more than just an eBook) intended for the mobile-digital audience using the benefits of hyperlinking. In the text, hyperlinks are used to take the reader to sources. Wikipedia and the site is used to support original research, providing more information and graphical-visual content.

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This is the first book of a personal journey into the past, bringing Nordic sources alive, telling the tales and showing the places I have come across in the telling of my own tales. This is my own narrative, based on my interest and preferences, and it is not intended that this series or each title is comprehensive. The series is being developed to provide as wide an understanding as I can make to present a resource and source book for anyone, researcher, author, reader, fantasy universe developer, gamer or historian alike. I hope readers find the material that has been selectively developed as fascinating and interesting as I do.

In this volume 1, I explore different aspects of life, death and the Norse afterlife, exploring beliefs, superstitions, relating the deeds of heroes and gods, related to the body of body that each day, is added to the net. I hope there is something here for everyone, and where it has been possible, I have provided notes and links to original sources so this publication becomes itself an evolving database of stories, sources of inspiration as well as online sources for going deeper. I kickoff with Helheim, the realm of the dead for all those who were no warriors.
Much use has been made of original sources, many quotes presented to inform the understanding of the many different subjects presented in this publication, and more importantly, used as a resource, being linked to so readers are able to access the continuous ‘collective works in progress.’ I weave together my understandings with those of others, providing links in the text to wikipedia articles.