In the final year of World War II, the most dangerous place is not on the battlefield…

berlin1945Copenhagen in the final stages of the war becomes a gangland of competing factions, communists, criminals, Nazi sympathisers and resistance fighters. In the middle of the fighting is resistance group called the Nightingales and the liquidator with the most liquidations under his belt, engineer Erik ‘The Hammer’ Hammerich. Working under the auspices of the noble estate at Lethragard, Erik becomes the target for SD commander Dieter ‘Valentian’ Leutner, a politcally active Nazi with a past linked to the deeds of the Viking Bund and the deeds of the Steel Helmets (Stahlhelm) and the Were Wolf (Weir Wolf)  brigades. Erik discovers Valentian has sought the company of Swedish archaeologist Karl Osakr Eklund who auspiciously had joined Valentian as part of the elite corps the Viking Ballatlion that had travelled the extremities of the Eastern Front with a mission that inexplicably has nothing to do with war.

In the aftermath of a long list of black operation liquidations with dubious purposes, Erik is reunited with his long-lost friend and previous cell leader Einar. Einar has emerged from the debris of Berlin with his life still in behold and facing a long journey home via the refuge of the castle Ksiak in Poland. With Einar’s discoveries and Erik’s experiences and knowledge concerning the affairs of Eklund, the unlikely duo begin the process of discovery that will lead to the Nightingales questioning on which side of the war they really fought.