Dr. Richard Pococke visited Egypt and his “Description of the East” appeared in 1743.

We observed at a great distance,” he says, “the temple of the Labyrinth, and being about a league from it, I observed several heaps as of ruins, covered with sand, and many stones all round as if there had been some great building there: they call it the town of Caroon (Bellet Caroon). It seemed to have been of a considerable breadth from east to west, and the buildings extended on each side towards the north to the Lake Moeris and the temple. This without doubt is the spot of the famous Labyrinth whichHerodotus says was built by the twelve kings of Egypt.”

He describes the ruined pyramid at Hawara being about 165 feet long by 80 broad, very much ruined, which he says is called the “Castle of Caroon.”