Their world was ending. Hers was just beginning.

The first book in the elements pantheon Labyrinth 1 concerns fate and time, following MI6-analyst Angelica Lux’s experiences in London and Copenhagen. Her mission: Investigate the circumstances uniting the discovery of a preserved SS officer from the second world war in a forest bog and the murder of the survivors of the resistance cell called The Nightingales.

Summer 1986: Lethragard, Denmark

Something strange has been going on for a very, very long time…

A body is found in a Danish bog in the grounds of a residence of aristocracy wearing the uniform of the SS, mutilated with the Viking blood-eagle. Soon afterwards, a member of the Danish resistance cell called the Nightingales is murdered by the same method used during wartime liquidation operations. With possible connections with ongoing operations, British MI6 send analyst Angelica Lux to Copenhagen to investigate.

Angelica Lux is a young attractive analyst working for MI6, the British Secret Intelligence Service. Lying in the grounds of a connected nobleman’s residence, the discovery has both second world war and cold war repercussions, with Angelica is sent to Copenhagen to investigate the connection.

What at first seems like an investigation into a past psychopathic killer, becomes a journey into liquidation actions of those who fought on both sides during the war. Questioning the true motives of her superiors, she becomes irrevocably involved in a labyrinthine network of past deeds and hidden agendas – where her quest for the hidden truth leads her into dark places and darker deeds.

As her investigation takes her deeper into the past, Angelica begins the task of discovering the truth, meeting survivors of the resistance group and compiling tapes on their past deeds while the last remaining Nightingales are still left around to tell their tale. When the nature of the truth becomes more and more illusive, Angelica is left isolated, struggling to understand the true nature of her involvement, forced play the game of Mata Hari while overcoming her fears, forced to navigate a delicate balance between morality, reason and a Count with a taste for fast drugs and faster women.

Suspecting the Lethragard Estate’s past involvement is being covered up, Angelica turns to her only allies – the archaeological staff left to maintain the increasingly empty shell of a bogus excavation. When she realizes the only common denominator is a name, the one name that has not been mentioned in her brief – the Swedish archaeologist Karl Oskar Eklund, murdered four years previously, Angelica begins her journey into the underworld that is the Labyrinth.

Naked Ground is an evocative book, rich in detail, taking the reader into a journey of discovery, with repercussions no one can predict, least for all those caught in the tide of events they have become an inextricable part of.