Tenebris – the element DARKNESS

“et lux in tenebris lucet et tenebrae eam non conprehenderunt”

“The Light shines in the darkness, and the darkness did not comprehend it.”

The Gospel Of John Verse 5, Chapter I

Who is archaeologist Karl Oskar Eklund?

Why was he murdered in 1982?

And why is his legacy of interest to the NATO special intelligence services?

THE FIRST BOOK IN THE ELEMENTS PANTHEON: NAKED GROUND concerns fate and time. Young MI6 analyst Angelica Lux is sent to Copenhagen. Her mission: investigate the circumstances concerning the grisly discovery of a preserved SS officer from the second world war and the murder of the survivors of the resistance cell The Nightingales. Her only hope to extricate herself from the grand game of deception: Discover the truth concerning archaeologist Karl Oskar Eklund and his ties to the the historic noble estate of Lethragard.


THE SECOND BOOK IN THE ELEMENTS PANTHEON: NORTH DAWN RISING continues Angelica’s story concerning the reasons why DAnish INtelligence service DAIN is placed in an unusual predicament with MI6.

Desperate to know more about MI6 legend EDDIE, Angelica’s search for the the truth occurs in the wake of greater external events involving the crash of a Russian aircraft in Iceland. Her search for the truth will lead her to discoveries concerning  Karl Oskar Eklund’s involvement  –  and the realization his legacy has to involve more than just archaeology.


THE THIRD BOOK IN THE ELEMENTS PANTHEON: LABYRINTH ABYSS sees Angelica entering darker and deeper places as her investigation hits new obstacles,  as the links between the mysteries at Lethragard, the EDDIE file and the events in Iceland all merge into a journey to places long forgotten – as the perpetrators of old crimes surface to contain the damage she has already caused to their cause.