The Elements

7 elements · 7 deceptions · 7 revelations

In some ways similar to twin peaks, in others, a conspiracy thriller. Yet beneath it all, an age old mystery.

The Elements is not like any other series ever written – a hi-concept mystery thriller series with a quest for the truth set in the timeframe of the 20th century. The Elements concerns the games of deception of the Cold War, combined with the depth and breadth of vision of epic historical fiction.

elementamundi_angelica4ANGELICA is on a quest – for the truth.

In the quest for truth, to discover that truth will mean struggling to understand the lives and actions of the past. To reveal that truth means to remove it from the shadows of those who would not be found, those who would not enlighten, caught up in the tide of fate and time. To survive that truth will mean challenging the game masters who want to keep the mysteries just the way they are.

THE ELEMENTS is a unique story universe blending the tough gritty world of the Cold War spy, subterfuge and deception with the search for an esoteric truth that lies buried deep in the shifting sands of time.


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The Elements Books

The Elements is a high-concept series like no other. There are 7 'Elements' books planned, based on and exploring one of the 7 elements earth, darkness (an Ancient Egyptian element), water, air, ice, fire, stone. 

Timeline Books

The Elements will also feature a number of 'timeline' books, set in the historical timeframes of 1917 - 1923 - 1936 - 1945 - 1963 - 1971 - 1982.


Each 'element' book to be also released in extended serialised versions comprised of ten parts each released sequentially. Details to be announced later in 2017. Signup for the newsletter to learn more about the books and serialisations with pre-release news.


The GENRES: Crime, mystery, conspiracy, thriller, historical, spy

The THEMES: Belief, discovery, fate, truth, justice.

The PARALLEL TIME FRAMES: 1917-1923-1936-1945-1971-1982-1986-7

The Elements Prologue


Date: October 1987

Place: Tiveden, Sweden

A notorious wilderness with a macabre past. A reconstructed Viking church by the shore of a lake. And a painting, a lost masterpiece framed in runic inscriptions without an owner.



Terra: Naked Ground

Element 1: Terra/ earth   release: Summer 2017

Date: August 1986

Place: Copenhagen, Denmark

Their life was ending. Hers was just beginning.

1986: A body is found in a Danish bog in the grounds of a residence of aristocracy wearing the uniform of the SS, mutilated with the Viking blood-eagle. Soon afterwards, a member of the Danish resistance cell called the Nightingales is murdered. British MI6 sendanalyst Angelica Lux to Copenhagen to investigate. 

Naked Ground is the first book in THE LABYRINTH TRILOGY for release in summer 2017.