Each part has a purpose to play…

The Beginning…

Why were the Draugr serial killings committed in the middle of Sweden in the 1970’s?

Most books are constructed in plot around the idea of presenting the reader something to understand, so they gain emotional involvement by understanding and identification. The Elements challenges this, by adding layer upon layer of complexity, so no reader will be able to identify the essence of what the elements is about, until all the pieces in the mosaic can be put together. Far removed from the worlds of John Le Carré or Ian Flemming, the storylines revolve around the shadowy figures of the past and present uncovering deeds and secrets hidden in time. The mystery thriller series covers scenes based in London, Copenhagen, Rome, Berlin, the Baltic region, the hinterland of Sweden, Switzerland and Eastern block Rumania.

Why are the Nightingales, the remains of the Second World War resistance group being systematically eliminated?


The Elements series breaks most rules of writing, offering many doors for the reader to explore. Being a conspiracy mystery thriller the back plot becomes more apparent as the series unwinds – a creative adventure, a rolling journey of discovery asking questions, some answered, new questions emerging, weaving in aspects of myth, legend and not least some disturbing facts about the 20th century you never knew existed. During the course of the story, the reader puts the pieces of the story mosaic together as a search for truth. As the elements are combined, the true nature of the back story is revealed, revealing a bridge spanning two previously separate worlds – the true historical-archaeological world of revelation and the false world of deception.

Why was Swedish archaeologist Karl Oskar Eklund murdered in 1982?

The Elements plot takes place in ‘the present’ timeframe of the 1980’s and ‘timeline’ books beginning in 1917, working through the events in the past to close the gap with the events that get the story started in 1982. The bridge itself and the key to unlocking that bridge is only revealed at the end of the series resolving all story threads across all the timelines, revealing through their combination the back story and historical relevance with a subtle paranormal twist.

And why does the British Secret Intelligence Service send analyst Angelica Lux to Copenhagen?

A labyrinthine journey driven by intrigue, there has been no other series like The Elements.


The Middle…

Who is Eddie?

The Elements series transcends deeds, mysteries and conflicts of the most devastating century in the history of mankind. Working with different sub-plots and timelines as well as a blend of real and fictitious events, a multi-layered universe has been developed submerging the reader into a complex world of intrigue and discovery at a time near to the end of the cold war. The series stories and timelines have since continued to be researched and grown to possess the depth and breadth of vision of epic fantasy, populated by archaeological discovery, Nordic mythology, the fight for freedom and the past deeds of forgotten heroes.

The Elements is intended to be real, gritty, surprising and intriguing, standing already as a mature volume of work. The result of many years of research and story development this is not only fiction, but a meaningful recreation of the past.

These are the two central questions asked in the middle of the series, when the main character, British analyst Angelica Lux is faced with new insights concerning his murder in 1982. All that remains of his legacy are the remnants of his books, diaries and the negatives from his own investigations starting at the time of the First World War, in Cairo in 1917, illustrating field campaigns reaching through the Eastern front in the Second World War and remote places now lying behind the iron curtain during the cold war.

and why is DAIN DAnish INtelligence so committed to uncovering his legacy?

This is set into motion the quest for esoteric knowledge and the discoveries of a dead man that lies at the core of The Elements concept. Ultimately, the plot unites the story of an action-mystery adventure with links to the devastation on the Eastern Front in WWII in the relative present of the 20th century with the deeds of explorers of Ancient Egypt in the past. In the course of her investigation it becomes apparent there is a lot more information the services have gone out of their way to keep secret – esoteric knowledge lost to history.

Russland, bei Sewastopol, Zerstörungen

The End?

All they had to do was discover why…