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The Elements series aims to redefine what can be achieved self-publishing. I work solo on the elements without any grants or income to subsidise the immense amount of work involved in developing a fiction series (The Elements is bigger than Game Of Thrones). Any financial help is gratefully received to get The Elements up and running with the many books and associated products in the concept stage. Donations will help me to:

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A little back story

About writing a ground-breaking epic series:

I started developing the first story ideas for The Elements in 2007 – after the initial idea for the first book was conceived on a trip to Sweden in 2006. Since the first story ideas were sketched, it has taken many years of dedicated hard work to get The Elements to where it is today. Today, The Elements has grown from an initial story idea to become a full-blooded fiction series as big in scope and epic feel as anything from fantasy, but set in the real world, using history to inform the development of an intricate story weaving people and events across different timelines.

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