This sort of project is too much of a risk for traditional publishing.

Publishers only back sure horses, meaning the fiction marketplace is often starved of groundbreaking creativity in the interests of corporate profitability. Having spent ten years developing the series, I have taken the time it has needed taking to continuously develop the series without a thought for own profit, in the belief that only complete commitment without course to short term runs or reward is what it takes to create something truly original.

The concept for The Elements is really very simple:

  1. Create an incredibly complex tale
  2. Have a continually emerging story
  3. Only gradually reveal the back plot
  4. Have sub-plots woven from timelines in the past
  5. Have the events-in-play based on profound discovery, hidden from the world by the puppet-masters who will go to any length to protect their interests
  6. Have the protagonists (the Main Characters) struggle to uncover each layer of the puzzle
  7. Reveal the antagonists (the opposition) only gradually
  8. Invent fictional stories around a real-life tale and mystery that very possibly could be true

The result is a richly-layered plot that can be read on many different levels, rewarding the reader with an immersive universe that only grows in complexity as the stakes increase on the road to enlightenment. The story progresses, layer by layer, each book adding in more details about what has happened in the past. The result is a labyrinthine journey of discovery that keeps getting deeper as the characters discover interrelated and often disturbing aspects of the past that are interrelated.

The story pulls the reader into a world of intrigue and deception, sharing the experiences of those caught in the middle of a web of events that go back through the annals of human history.