Here I am, just 13 days from my first release, and still tweaking the first book release. I have – in addition to updating the opening sequence and a few edits here and there – revised the ‘front matter’ at the opening of the e-book.
On opening the Kindle file, the first thing the reader till read, is this:

Introduction to The Elements Project

7 elements. 7 deceptions. 7 revelations: The Elements is a very big undertaking and quite unique. There is no other project quite like The Elements, the result of many years of dedicated research and development.

This first book – the Prologue – is the story I began ten years ago. I started researching in 2006, wanting to combine the esoteric feel of The Da Vinci Code with the gritty realism of Scandinavian Noir (or ‘Nordic Noir’) we know from books such as Stieg Larsson’s Millennium trilogy and The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo. Add to that interest in ‘the strands of people’s fates through time’, a dose of Nordic mythology wrapped inside a secret code, a conspiracy aspect only gradually revealed not unlike the X-files – and The Elements as a series was born.

I started writing in 2007, expanding the story to encompass many different threads, characters and timelines, all bound together by discovery and not a little intrigue. The result is a series starting from humble beginnings, growing into a multi-layered epic.

This prologue is that humble beginning. Based on my own love affair with Scandinavia and the legends that have formed that corner of the world, the story unwinds, starting with a crime, opening into a labyrinthine mystery tour that’s often kept me up late at night constructing it. So in the infamous words of J.R.R. Tolkien, ‘the tale grew in the telling’ – now encompassing at least twelve books being planned for publication and serialization 2017-2022.

Your help is needed to spread the word

This independently published project is not actively marketed – other than by online platform and by social media. If you enjoyed the story and the universe it is a part, please tell others about it. The Elements aims to be adapted by screenplay for televising and can only realize potential by word of mouth – recommendations by readers, to people you know.

If you are able to support the project by telling others, or by writing online posts, reviews or articles, please share your thoughts to help bring The Elements to a wider audience. Feel free to drop me a line if you have any ideas how you could help – or if you have thoughts about how the story can be improved. As we say, ‘the proof of the pudding is only in the eating’, and a recipe once created is there to be improved on.

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Elementa Mundi – The Elements Universe

To provide more insight into The Elements universe the site will feature:

Gateways to different products, including serializations expanding the storylines, timeline books portraying the discoveries in the past affecting the protagonists in the ‘present’ near the end of the Cold War and illustrated multi-media books.

A character lexicon featuring who they are, what they look like, their character arcs.

Timelines illustrating the deeds of the past that have combined to influence the present.

Locations with extensive photographic resource being developed to illustrate the vast and expanding Elements backstory.

Enquiries to the author

Enquiries can be addressed by email to:

After ten long and lonely years, let the story finally commence…