Name: Fabian X. Age: unknown

Nationality: South Africa

Books: Fear Of Broken Glass

Occupation: Assassin

Timelines: 1987

Fabian X (called just Fabian) is the ultimate hitman – with a difference. He is a she. Little is known about Fabian, other than what she chooses to tell. She is short on words, fast on action, logical, calculating and lethal.

Fabian replaced the handset, slowly, letting the pearly white telephone slip from long elegant black fingers back into its cradle and wiped a finger across the glass table, leaving a trail of dust. It was the only table in a blindingly white room, lit from behind by translucent, white curtains hanging to a hairsbreadth above a black studded rubber floor. A Bang and Olufsen television, four chrome chairs, three never used. A valve stereo next to a black sofa big enough for five people but only enjoyed by the company of one.

She called herself Fabian despite being neither male nor of German descent.

Fabian is from South Africa, having grown up in a hard uncompromising environment where to survive means taking punishment from those who have no care for you or your family. Fabian gained her training in the military, though she tells not from which quarter, continuing her profession as a mercenary and then an assassin with a reputation second to none.

Fabian is used as one of a select number of anonymous assets by the secret intelligence services for dirty ops when discretion is required. She enters into The Elements by emerging literally, from the shadows.

She looked up, seeing the mirror and walked towards it. Tired dark brown oval eyes. Short black negroid hair, skin as smooth and dark as the night. She grimaced, opening her mouth, only one side of her face moving in response


Fabian X has a selection of different weapons, depending on the nature of the assignment. She names her weapons accordingly, using South African tribal names:

Imbube, Lion

Umzingeli, Hunter.

And her favourite, Ingwe. Described as a Leopard in green, tan and black. Light and portable with a built-in bipod, bolt action and a silencer. Mobile, resilient, an operational radius of seven hundred meters. With a weight of under seven and a half kilograms she can run with it all day.

Fabian X

image credit: top image Fernando Mafra, bottom image Carmen Fiano flickr