Name: Elin Vikland. Age: 36

Nationality: Swedish

Books: Fear Of Broken Glass

Occupation: Assistant Detective

Timelines: 1986-87

Hasse Almquist’s Right Hand Lady, Elin Vikland is the methodological perfect match for the older detective. In the course of the events played out in Fear Of Broken Glass, she becomes an essential ally and a support of Almquist as he pieces together the events leading to the bizarre ritualistic Draugr killings that have remained unsolved since the early 1970’s.

Vikland is the independent-minded primo motus in isolating the suspects and gathering testimony, her insights leading to uncovering the reason why they have come to the unlikely location of Tiveden, a national park – a place with past pagan practices steeped in gruesome legend.

Vikland’s own fate, as Almquist’s – becomes inextricable intertwined with the threads of the past reaching back to the the First World War and the painting in the suspects possession. Her will and drive to help her older boss leads her to a climatical confrontation the investigating team, opening doors that others want to keep well and truly closed.