OCCUPATION: MI6/ ‘Passport Office’ Copenhagen

TIMELINES: 1986-87

Conrad Baron is the leader of the group who are staying at the remote Gotfrid’s Homestead near the Tiveden national park featured in Fear Of Broken Glass. Wry, observant, lethal, Conrad Baron is a man of few words, yet he leaves no doubt he is a man who is the leader – and someone who has seen and done extreme things in the dubious service of his country.

Protected by diplomatic immunity though his official position working at the passport office for the British Embassy in Copenhagen, Conrad Baron is probably ex-military, now operating as a field agent for MI6 in the front line between East and West Europe. What his detailed services involve is difficult to ascertain, keeping his descriptions of himself deliberately vague. It becomes obvious he is familiar with firearms and suggests that he may have been involved in one or more tours of duty in Northern Ireland against the IRA. Used to being the man in control, not even Baron is able to withstand the pressure of external events pulling him into the vortex.