Name: Ashley Jarayaman. Age: 24

Nationality: British

Books: Fear of Broken GlassNaked Ground

Occupation: Ex-con, assistant archaeologist

Timelines: 1986-87

Dark-haired Anglo-Indian Ash is a bit of an enigma. He is a young headstrong Brit who never seems to land on his feet. He wandered into Copenhagen from Amsterdam – ending up mixing with the wrong people at the wrong time. Imprisoned for drugs related-offenses at a young adult remand center in Jutland, he was released just prior to the events in Naked Ground, placed on parole and provided with a job working as assistant at an archaeological excavation.

Ash teams up with American archaeologist Daniel Hanson, working the dig at Lethragard, the seat of the Counts of Kolberg Falkenfeldt. Soon wading through mud up to his neck, Ash doesn’t have much time to reflect on his past and soon finds himself wrapped in events he could never have imagined. Living in the back-street digs at the free town Christiania in Copenhagen, Ash’s greatest love in his life is his re-built street-racing Triumph Bonneville.


Ash’s involvement with MI6 analyst Angelica Lux will take him around Europe and through time, climaxing in the Swedish hinterland at a place rich in legend becoming a suspect in the murder of one of his fellow travelers in the events taking place in Fear Of Broken Glass.