Name: Anna Kron. Age: 86

Nationality: Swedish

Books: Fear Of Broken Glass

Occupation: Unknown

Timelines: 1986-87

Who is the mysterious Anna?

Anna Kron is the reason a group of foreigners journey from Copenhagen to stay at a remote homestead in the middle of the Swedish hinterland in the fall. Who Anna is and why she figures in the interests of the British Embassy in Copenhagen lies at the heart of detective Hasse Almquist‘s investigation.

The only picture of Anna Kron hangs on the wall at Gotfridsgaarden, Gotfrid’s homestead, the isolated place on the edge of the raw stunning beauty of the Tiveden National Park in Sweden. Married to Gustav Kron, the couple both perished in the fire that swept the Kron homestead in 1975. Or did they?