Name: Angelica Lux. Age: 27

Nationality: British-Danish

Books: Labyrinth 1

Occupation: Analyst

Timelines: 1986-87

Angelica Lux, a beautiful young British analyst working in the stuffy man-dominated world of the Secret Intelligence Service. When Angelica is called in for a briefing little does she know that not only will it change not only her life – but many others. Her mission – to spy on the Danish Intelligence Service and uncover the secrets being unearthed in the grounds of the historical noble estate at Lethragard. In the course of her involvement, she does not understand why she is being sent to Copenhagen to investigate – or why the Danish Military Intelligence are involved in discovering the identity of a ritually killed body preserved in the bog mud. The key to opening the door to hidden secrets lie with those who have served their country in the Second World War to live a life of doubt, guilt and secrecy.

One of the central characters in The Elements, Angelica Lux is an engaged, driven and independent-minded character who cannot take no for an answer. Her analytical skills lead her into situations placing herself at risk, but also in uncovering truths that others would keep hidden. As she delves deeper and deeper into the actions in the past that have defined the present, she finds herself more and more walking the path of discovery alone and isolated from the world she thought she knew.

More details to come on Angelica at the time of the release of Naked Ground summer 2017.

top image credit: sixtwelve, flickr