Something very strange has been going on for a very, very long time…

In the quest for the truth:

It is Angelica’s job to uncover what is happening at Lethragard in Denmark, a scene of an archaeological investigation that is somehow linked to the murder of Archaeologist Karl Oskar Eklund in 1982. Little does she know Karl Oskar Eklund’s truth lies encrypted and locked away within the past deeds of a world that does not want to be discovered. Suspecting a hidden world of puppet-masters is covering crimes committed in the name of ideology, she is left with a simple choice: find and reveal the truth, or survive and live another day. However, Angelica is not alone in the quest for that truth… and the world is not a place where it is possible to hide.

The Beginning

The Elements starts with the consequences of Angelica’s actions in Fear Of Broken Glass. Fast forward to the outback of Sweden and events concerning regional detective Hasse Almquist. When one of a group visiting the country from Copenhagen is murdered, events turn circle back to the beginning, even if the participants do not know the consequences or meaning of their actions. Read more about the books below.

Sweden 1987: Detective Hasse Almquist thought he could look forward to retirement in obscurity. Then a murder is committed in the middle of the Tiveden national park, bearing all the hallmarks of unsolved macabre killings over a fifteen year period. When that murder follows in the wake of his own inquiries into the death of archaeologist Karl Oskar Eklund in Copenhagen five years previously, Almquist realises too late he has opened Pandora’s Box. This is how the reader first encounters Elementa Mundi  – The Elements Universe, an unashamedly complex series revealing dark deeds and the answers to mysteries that challenge the character’s preconceptions about the world they thought they knew.

1673 – 1841 – 1917 – 1923 – 1936 – 1945 – 1971 – 1982 – 1987 – 1989


The Elements by author Mark David is a big-concept 20th century mystery-conspiracy thriller series set in the years 1917-1987:

The Elements is a journey of discovery into the secrets of the past, the games of the puppet masters who remain obscure manipulating events – all because Eddie had a secret so great his inheritors will go to any lengths to keep it hidden, even if it involves threatening political stability in Europe on the eve of the most momentous upheaval since the end of the Second World War…

The fall of the Berlin Wall is not anticipated, the powers behind the scenes still busy building webs of deception. There are also invisible forces working behind the scenes in a race to maintain a balance of power. Except, none of the lethal and manipulative game of puppet masters is understood by the agents out in the cold, caught within an intricate web of intrigue and deception. Caught in the game, to find the way out, they have to discover the past the powers will go to any length to keep hidden. Delve deeper into series background.

More like a fantasy series in its scale and themes, yet rooted in the gritty, hard-core reality of the 20th century, in all its inglorious detail. The Elements – an epic of story-telling.


The Elements: Discovery

Everything has an origin…

aesahult_3The Elements is an exploration of time, belief and fate. This is based on archaeological discovery and esoteric doctrine is the common thread linking different people at different times together, linked by chance, circumstance, ideas and actions. The central underlying premise that ‘reality’ is not absolute. Reality as ‘actions-in-time’ is multi-threaded and determined by those who have gone before us, our actions partly determining our present as we ourselves define the conditions for the future.

The Elements: A Thematic Exploration

All is related…

Each book has a distinct thematic identity mirroring the notion of the classical elements air-earth-fire-water, expanded to encompass different aspects of mythology.

The series is notable for the depth of research through history, with two parallel timelines progressing from 1917 to the end of the second world war alternating against the fiction-contemporary timeline 1986-1989 at the eve of the end of the cold war.

Each theme is interpreted figuratively and literally, each book becoming an exploration of setting and plot set against each particular thematic background. Perception and understanding of the whole can only emerge as elements are combined, revealing through their combination the hidden battle of soon-to-be-redundant masters no one really knows anything about. The use of the elements as a thematic concept becomes more literal as the series unfolds.



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